Millions of searches are performed everyday on the most popular search engines the web has to offer. Here’s the question. If someone is searching for your product or service, where does your website rank? Think about how you perform searches. Do you bother to look past the second or third page? A lot of people don’t bother to click on anything past the second or third link. The key benefits of having your website show up first in a search are obvious. The higher up your site is, the more people will go, and the more people will buy. The best way to get your website to the top of the list is with search engine optimization. There are certain specifications your website must meet and comply with to get the best positioning within search engines.

Search engines need to know exactly what your site is about in order to index or rank it correctly. Keyword research is huge for your website’s content. You have got to know what people are searching for and how they are searching for it. There are several websites like that can help you find this information. Once you have a list of keywords people are entering into search engines, you can begin to use those keywords to help sell your site.

Search engines crave content. If your site doesn’t have enough content the search engine may not be able to determine what your site is about. Also, within your site’s content, remember to continue using specific keywords relevant to your products and services. Spread keywords throughout your site in different areas. Use them in headings and subheadings. Use them in creating an opening paragraph for your site. Keyword placement is critical for optimization.

Avoid broken links, temporary redirects, and poor navigation structure throughout your website. Problems like these can cause search engine spiders to avoid your site and drop your ranking. Be sure to use unique and relative titles to name each page. Replace vague wording with specific terminology relative to your business and provide accurate descriptions in meta tags. By following those simple to implement strategies – you’re on your way to getting closer to the top!

Plus, you’ll be getting highly qualified customers wanting to buy what you sell. Optimizing your site no only makes it easier for search engines to read and understand – it also helps your visitors, too! If the user cannot navigate through your site to find what they want, they’re exiting the site, plain and simple. Search engine optimization will get your site the best placement with all of the best search engines, more qualified users, and more sales.

About the Author: Tyler Houts is the Public Relations and Online Marketing Director for Kinetica Media, an internet marketing company that works to harness the power of the internet for businesses of all sizes. Visit to see how their proven online marketing campaigns can enhance customer loyalty and attract new clients.