Top 10 Neighborhood Newsletter Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build your opt-in email database? Is this a SPAM List?

A: No! Over the past 10+ years, we have built our email lists by folks subscribing in/at our clients businesses & on ours and partner websites. Everyone our lists has 100% opted in and have said, “I live, work and shop in this area(s), here is my email, send my great email others from business in that area!” By advertising your local business, you have a chance to reach these motivated new customers for pennies on the dollar!

How many email advertising areas are available. Can I advertise in all of them?

A: We have 9 unique email zones in which you can advertise to all if you like. If you advertise in all, you will be reaching over 150,000 NW/Ohio/SE Mich consumers and businesses twice each month (a circulation of over 300,000)

What industries do the Neighborhood Newsletters work for?

A: No matter what industry you’re in, the Neighborhood Newsletters will work for your business. If you want to reach 1000’s of new motivated people that live and work and shop in your area that want to learn about your business for just pennies on the dollar. Our Newsletters are for you!

What can I advertise in the Newsletters? Plus, can I change my ad(s) at anytime?

A: Your ad will include your color logo, quick business info, photos, contact information, maps, links to your website, printable coupons or anything else you want. Just get your account manager these items and your ready to start reaching new local customers in less than 24 hrs! Anytime you want to change your ad info, just get in touch with them and it’s done for Free!

What do I have to do to make my ad(s) successful?

A: Nothing, other than offer fantastic offers and incredible coupons that drive people to your business- The better your offer, the better results you will receive- its just that simple. Offer an unbelievable coupon or offer that will motivate people to come see you…& they will- Guaranteed! Your account manager can recommend some proven offers that will bring you results. Just Ask!

What kind of results can I expect?

A: These statistics illustrate the success rate for most of our clients. Your business can experience these outstanding results too! Email open rate: 45.9%*, Client email list subscriber retention rate: 98.3%*, Conversion (sales) rate: 5-10%*
* (Figures are based on overall network performance and client histories. Your results may differ)

Do you track the results?

A: Absolutely! Upon request, we will email or print you a monthly tracking report showing: Emails sent, emails viewed, coupons printed, comments received, website links clicked, and more so you can track the effectiveness of each of your mailings

When are the Newsletters mailed?

A: All Neighborhood Newsletters are sent/mailed the 2nd and last Tuesday of (2) every month give or take a few days. We send out 3 in December.

Can you send out an email from just my business to the lists?

A: No. Since people did not specifically ask for offers from just your business, we respect their privacy. The Neighborhood Newsletter format is proven and will reach new customers for you. We do however have a 100% managed service that will allow you to build your email list so you can communicate with your personal email database via monthly email newsletters. Ask your account manager how to do this as we manage 100’s of companies’ personal monthly email newsletter programs.

How soon to get up & running?

You will be contacted within 48 hours from signing up by your dedicated account manager whom will consult with you & to construct your ad(s), etc. Once your ad(s) are finalized and approved by you, your ad(s) will be placed in the newsletter(s) for the next mailing!