How To Truly Be Your Brand

Sometimes in business we are so involved in the little things that we forget to refer back to the top of the pyramid. At the top of this pyramid is your company’s brand. This is a reminder as to how important your brand is and how properly executing it illustrates its true essence.

The Umbrella Over Your Brand

Your brand is how you want to be perceived and what your consumers expect. It is the umbrella over your entire company. Some may think logos, commercials, and glossy photos make up a brand. This is not true – those are marketing plans that only present the brand.

A businesses brand is the overall character and quality of the business. Big businesses have sub brands for other products and services, yet they all relate back to the overall brand, never shying away from the businesses true personality.

It is important that this umbrella covers your products and services. You should also remember that employees, consumers, shareholders, and the media must reinforce your brand. Everyone that comes into contact with your business must know the same brand.

Starbuck’s is a great example of a business that umbrella’s their brand. When hiring employee’s, corporate to café, they look for a certain personality. This is not someone who can just do the job, but someone who already embodies the Starbuck’s brand personality. Starbuck’s drinkers, employees, shareholders, and media all know Starbuck’s to be a delicious, tasteful, and exotic treat that recognizes diversity in its coffee and people. Starbuck’s has a brand for Starbuck’s and also a sub-brand for its environmental leadership – each appealing to a different audience while sharing common characteristics, but emphasizing slightly different personalities, values and goals.

An umbrella over your brand can be done with conscious thought and a well-developed plan. Define yourself as one brand then accentuate the qualities inside that brand to develop sub-brands. Your communication and marketing plans will follow brilliantly.

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