Tips For Creating A Memorable Logo

Everyday consumers are bombarded with millions of marketing and advertising brands. Typically you will only remember a handful of them and more than likely they are big business names. Competition in the logo world is difficult, but with these tips your businesses will shine.

Take Time To Research

Discover what your competitors have already done. This is a must do for your business. It gives you a chance to see what has already been done, strengths, weaknesses and is a great brainstorming technique.

Research your internal business as well. Find adjectives that punctuate your organizations mission. What distinguishes your organization from competitors? Dig deep to reflect the overall feel and uniqueness inside.

During your research remember that anything can be used as your logo. Whether it be, animals, abstract shapes, letters, numbers, nature, or animation. No matter what you choose they all can be used to create a recognizable symbol for your business.

In addition you will want to research your customer or target market. Take into consideration their lifestyle, values, needs, and demographics. An excellent way to identify with your audience is to uncover what they relate to.

Leave an Impression

Simplicity is key to a lasting impression. You must not “aw” your audience with overwhelming detail. Think of your logo as a smile that represents your company. This smile is filled with life that draws consumers in to discover what your business is all about.

When consumers see the Pepsi logo they immediately think cool, fun and pleasurable. Pepsi leaves a first-class memorable impression. Keep in mind although we live in a colorful society black and white are still recognizable and beautiful.

When creating your logo internal, external, and audience research are vitally important to executing a successful logo. Logos are very simple, so keep your simple. Have your logo represent your organizations brand, its products, identity and trademarks.

Let Kinetica Media guide you through the process and open your new world of communication. Visit us at The author Malerie Giaimo is a spring Public Relations intern at Kinetica Media.