Ways To Keep Your Email Marketing Project A Success

Stay on top of your email marketing project by following the four tips discussed below. These tips will help your company avoid many key procedures most forget or ignore.

You Must Have Permission

When viewers visit your site direct them towards receiving a subscription. Have them confirm and then confirm again. Allow for the second confirmation to be when their email gets listed in your database. This way the viewer is certain he/she want your emails. When choosing to send unsolicited emails you risk hurting your company, product and brand. This lowers the possibility your email will be opened and should be avoided completely.

Make Certain It Works

After completing your email marketing site take yourself through it as if you were a subscriber. Do all the links work? Do they send you to the correct page? Are you clicking to many times? Is the content correct? Are the design and layout eye catching? These are all questions you must answer. It is seen as unprofessional and lowers credibility when simply things don’t operate properly.

Have A Human Monitor Incoming Message

Now that you have set up and sent out your emails prepare for incoming messages from subscribers. Yes, this means even if you post “please do not respond to this email” people will click reply. Keep someone in your companies IT department readily available to check and respond emails containing feedback, comments or those wanting to unsubscribe. Your email marketing should be automated with little supervision. Check it every few days, but this should not be someone’s complete task.

Clean Out Your List

Your company in time or rapidly will compile a large list of subscribers. Some subscribers will then become inactive, meaning they don’t open or purchase your products. These people need to be cleaned out or given a different selling approach. In doing so, segment your databases find out how many subscribers don’t open or click your emails. If your company is proactive, send them an invitation to join again and take advantage of a special promotion. Give them time to respond and if they don’t delete the subscriber.

Remember to check both sides of your email marketing plan. When first designing get permission from subscribers and check to make certain everything works. Once the emails have begun circulation monitor your incoming messages and clean out the unwanted subscribers. These tips will give your subscriber the attention they want and need.

Let Kinetica Media guide you through the process and open your new world of communication. Visit us at www.kineticamedia.com. The author Malerie Giaimo is a spring Public Relations intern at Kinetica Media.