Neighborhood Newsletters Results & Testimonials

Average Loyal Email Results: We Have an 80% Client Retention Rate!

Your business can experience these outstanding results too!

  • Email open rate: 45.9%*
  • Client email list subscriber retention rate: 98.3%*
  • Conversion rate: 5-10%*

* (Figures are based on overall network performance and client histories. Your results may differ)

Texas Roadhouse

“For anyone looking to get an edge on their competition, I highly recommend Kinetica Media. Not only was it a successful marking tool, it was a great a way to target my repeat guests. The flexibility they showed in meeting my needs was excellent. They were genuinely concerned about my business and extremely helpful. For anyone who is interested in marketing through emails you must give Loyal Email a try.”

Associated General Contractors (AGC)

“By partnering with Loyal Email to send our monthly member newsletters by email instead of postal mail will save us over $20,000 a year on printing and postage. Using Loyal Email to do this was a no-brainer for our organization.”

Vino 100 Wines

“Loyal Email is, hands down, without a doubt, the most effective and most affordable marketing vehicle I’ve used to date. If you want to bring your customers back, hire them.”

The Doggie Boutique

“Wow! I feel like the TV commercial: “I have people!” Your customer service is Awesome!”

Mancy’s Family of Restaurants

“Loyal Email has been very easy to work with and it has helped us to get customers to sign up. When we do a contest we get a very good response.”

Captain Tony Marine Surveying Service

“The staff at Loyal Email has been very helpful and we hope to keep growing.”

Sophie’s Sister Clothing

“You have definitely built our business. It’s getting the word out and we love the concept of Loyal Email. The staff has been super nice.”

TAS Electronics

“You’ve helped me connect with customers more often. Also, the staff has been very personal which enables us to get good results.”

Tireman Auto Centers

“For over 4 years now the coupon tracking has been great as we can stay in front of our target audience more frequently and cost effectively. Thanks very much!”

Wendy’s Restaurants

“Loyal Emails are tailored for us to get the message out to existing customers month to month all kinds of new customers regarding special events. Wendy’s changes frequently and Loyal Email helps us get the stay in touch with our customers.”

Bay Center Recreation Bowling

“We canceled Val Pack because customers use our coupons more from Loyal Email. Our rep keeps everything simple for us. Very cost effective.”

SoFo’s Food Market

“We get a great response with each newsletter they send. You are a valued partner.”

Toledo Academy of Beauty

“It has been almost 3 yrs that we’ve been with you and we find that this form of advertising to be cost effective and time saving way of keeping our name in the limelight. We are pleased with the response we get and look forward to working with you in the future.”

Walt Churchill’s Market

“Being able to put our wine tasting weekly out there for our customer’s has helped us build a loyal following.”