To maintain customer loyalty, you have got to offer the customer something; give them plenty of reasons to come back to your business. There are plenty of typical marketing promotions available to businesses today. The only problem is…you usually only do one at a time. Why not hit your customers with everything you’ve got? Give them your best offers, not only that, give them all at once, and give them reasons to give you repeat sales. Email marketing can help your business achieve its goals by offering several promotional tools and incentives for your customers.

Promotional Tools and Incentives

Built into email marketing campaigns are several useful tools to help blow your sales through the roof! With email marketing you can…Inform your customers about what is going on in your stores with discount sales promotions. Tell them what’s new on the menu this week by including menu specials. Include a detailed newsletter with your personalized email campaign informing the customer of any changes or events within the company. Keep customers rushing in by offering them exclusive coupons through email! Give customers gift cards for the holidays or any special occasion. And speaking of the holidays, why not send them seasonal greetings to remind them that you care about their business!

Does your business have several locations? Has it recently relocated? Include maps to all locations, directions, and hours of operation in your email campaign. Add a list of new products or services. Let the customer browse your products and Incorporate full color catalogs in your emails! Contests, sweepstakes, invitations, thank-you letters…the list of possibilities is endless!

Don’t Get Left Behind

Being able to utilize an endless list of marketing tools in one email is of great advantage to any business. Including your competition. Get involved in email marketing before they do! There are thousands of company’s taking advantage of this great business opportunity. Email marketing is the future of business and customer loyalty. Find out how your business can benefit today!

About the Author: Tyler Houts is the Public Relations and Online Marketing Director for Kinetica Media, an internet marketing company that works to harness the power of the internet for businesses of all sizes. Visit to see how their proven online marketing campaigns can enhance customer loyalty and attract new clients.