Read These Tips Before Creating Your Email Marketing Sign Up

The practical tips for email marketing below take business ethics into account. Also they discuss ways to demonstrate a personable persona to potential subscribers.

Make Sign Up Easy

Do a little research and browse through sites to see where they have their sign up or subscription links. Is it on every page? Is it easy to locate? Is it a direct link? Once you have seen what others are doing, experiment with your own ‘sign up’ link. This link doesn’t have to be a permanent entity on your site. You have the power to test. Ask yourself these questions when testing: Does it work better at the top? Or bottom? Is it large enough for people to see?

Put your link on every page. This will make it extremely easy for viewers to sign up when they don’t have to scavenge for the link.

Respect Their Privacy

Before your potential subscribers give their information tell them that their email address and personal information is safe within your site. No one wants to have his or her information spread around the Internet. Respect their privacy and confidentiality by reassuring them that by subscribing their information won’t be leaked anywhere.

Tell Them What They’ll Receive

An excellent way to lead subscribers into subscribing is by telling them what they will receive and gain from your subscription. By providing this feature your disclosing information that other sites may feel is best left a surprise. It’s not necessary to leave your subscribers in the dark. Additionally, when you expose what your emails offer, viewers are more likely to subscribe due to your willingness to show vulnerability. Furthermore, your list of topics may encourage viewers to subscribe that may not have before.

Tell Them How Often

Since your not keeping much a secret from your potential subscribers you may as well tell them how often they’re going to receive your email. By doing so creates expectations and when the expectations are filled respect is gained. Set yourself with reasonable expectations, weekly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Whichever best suites your business, but stay honest to your statement.

These tips demonstrate ways to be open and honest with your viewer and potential subscriber. The information you would keep from them is actually information that will aid in raising subscription numbers. Remember people like respect and openness.

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