Q: What exactly is pay-per-click Google Adwords advertising?

A: Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, also known as sponsored search marketing or more commonly, as search engine marketing (SEM), allows businesses to bid for the most visible spots on search engine results page using an auction-style format. You create several ads for your product or service, select the keywords that you want to show your ad, and choose the maximum price you are willing to pay for that click/lead. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The higher you bid for a keyword, the higher your ads will display on search engine results pages.

Using PPC Advertising, your business can advertise in the most heavily trafficked search engines and information sites on the web, reaching MOST of all active Internet users. However, with 100,000’s of advertisers using this type of advertising, it takes a cutting-edge and constantly monitored campaign to be successful, and this is exactly what we provide.
Q: Why should I use Google Adwords advertising?

A:Without paid search engine advertising, there are really only a few other methods of reaching potential new clients: Natural search results, Opt-in email marketing, banner ads, links, and press releases. By using PPC marketing, you compete with every single page on the Internet that features similar words as your website does. You could be lost in an ocean of other sites that may have little or nothing to do with the search terms.

PPC advertising allows you to specifically target the type of consumer you are looking for and is also essentially “FREE” until one an interested customer clicks on your sponsored PPC ad. It is the most efficient means of advertising ever created and it is now at your fingertips.
Q: Exactly how does Google Adwords marketing work?

A: As a gift shop owner in Dayton, you may wish to bid on the keyword “Dayton gift shop.” If a competing gift shop in Dayton has already bid $0.40 on the keyword “Dayton gift shop,” your shop must bid $0.41 in order to appear higher among the sponsored sites in Google or Yahoo, for example. Let us say that you bid $0.41. Your ad and a brief description will appear the highest on a search for “Dayton gift shop.” Every time a potential customer clicks this link, your business will incur a $0.41 charge, but you will also have assured that the customer is much more likely to purchase gifts than a visitor looking for information on a similar topic such as gifts in the Dayton area.
Q: How much does a click cost in Google?

A: Fees will vary for each specific keyword term and requires a minimum bid of at least $0.10/click. You can set a maximum bid that you are willing to pay for targeted clicks or establish different bids for individual keyword terms. Some keyword terms may only require the starting amount of $0.10 to achieve the highest search results while more competitive keyword terms can cost as much as $20.00/click. We customize your bidding plan to ensure you get the most qualified clicks and most traffic for your budget
What our Google Adwords marketing experts will do for you!
Your dedicated Google Adwords management specialist will:

* Build & daily manage your keyword lists
* Create your ads & landing pages!
* Manage your spending budget
* Track your click-throughs & sales
* Provide one-on-one support and marketing tips
* Help you to reach more customers!

1. Extensive Keyword Research & List Building

We do exhaustive keyword research on your business, industry, competitors and the keyword search volumes so we can derive a list of the “top 10 keywords” and at least 50 more (if applicable) that we feel will work best for your campaign. This keyword list can include keyword phrases with four or more words, keywords that are spelling errors, keyword synonyms, geographically targeted keywords and more. Within minutes our proprietary software assist us to generate, evaluate, and rapidly deploy hundreds or thousands of targeted keywords to your account. The more keywords you have working for you, the better your campaign will perform. It’s just that simple!
2. Ad Copy Analysis, Writing & Testing

Your PPC Experts excel in writing and testing superior ad copy. Even minor adjustments in ad copy can result in dramatic shifts in conversions. Through most detailed ad copy research and our A – B ad copy split testing techniques, we are able to maximize your click-thru rates, bringing you the lowest overall cost per conversion (CPC). We again analyze your keywords and keyword search volume to see what would be the best ad combination, and write 7 unique ads for your campaign. Each campaign’ add is carefully tracked and evaluated ongoing to accomplish superior ad copy that will give you a major advantage over your competition.
3. Tracking, Analysis, & Reporting

If needed, we will incorporate in-depth tracking and reporting tools that enable us to trace your sales, leads, downloads, time of stay, etc to each individual keyword that produced the “conversion”. Then utilizing this data to dynamically allocate more of your budget to your best and align most profitable keywords while lower bids and spending on the lower performing keywords. We execute this hugely important strategy effectively and dramatically improve your campaign results and efficiency. On the monthly basis you will be emailed a detailed report that shows you all the info you need to know on how your campaign is performing and making sales.
4. Monthly Campaign Management

Your dedicated PPC expert manager will ensure that your campaign stays as efficient as possible each month by scrutinizing the frequency, type and amount of clicks you receive and evaluating the success of your overall keyword list on a daily basis. Your dedicated PPC experts know how to align your campaign for maximum success so you can become a top player in your industry. Rigorously managing your PPC campaign on an on-going basis for maximum impact and conversion is the most important thing needed for success with PPC advertising.

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