E-mail Marketing & Real Simple Syndication Team Up

E-mail Marketing has flourished and benefited many businesses. Its main benefit is the relationship it builds and keeps with clients. Email Marketing now has a partner that increases its bond, Real Simple Syndication otherwise known as RSS. Discussed below are advantages of both E-mail Marketing and RSS.

E-mail Marketing

Simply put E-mail Marketing is a digital way for businesses to communicate with clients and employees. This form of marketing educates those subscribed about: new company information, special offers, upcoming events, and any other beneficial information.

For example a restaurant could include daily, weekly or monthly coupons or discount tickets that have value. No one will want to use a coupon for a ‘free pop’ or ‘$1.00 off,’ but they would want to use ’free meal at next visit,’ or ‘$2.00 off any specialty item.’

E-mail marketing can introduce new employees, advertise a weekend or holiday event, and even send birthday vouchers. If a business is expanding, moving or changing its design E-mail Marketing can easily express its new endeavors inexpensively.

As you can see E-mail Marketing can be utilized for many different marketing needs. Most importantly it allows for businesses to keep in touch and build a relationship with its readers. Consumers like to be appreciated for the money they spend on ones products and services. E-mail marketing does this successfully while offering rewards.

Remember…E-mail Marketing is not SPAM, it is wanted information by those subscribed, so fill them with quality useful information.

Real Simple Syndication (RSS)

RSS benefits are similar to E-mail Marketing, but instead of sending every subscriber the same e-mail your subscribers are able to pick and choose the themed feeds they desire, allowing customers to have total control of the content they receive. Like e-mail marketing subscribers will receive this information through e-mail. Some of the feeds include: blogs, articles, forums, schedules, discounts/specials, and company news.

RSS is in XML format, which is simpler than HTML. XML is supported by a wide variety of applications thus making it easy for anyone to create and share their data.

This direct marketing tool builds and keeps customers just like e-mail marketing.

E-mail Marketing and Real Simple Syndication are great ways to stay in touch with customers. They are both uniquely different and target different types of needs and wants.

Let Kinetica Media guide you through the process and open your new world of communication. Visit us at www.kineticamedia.com. The author Malerie Giaimo is a spring Public Relations intern at Kinetica Media.