How Would You Like to Reach 150,000 New Local Customers That Live, Work & Shop in Your Neighborhood Twice a Month for Just Pennies per Person?

Now You Can! Harness the power of our targeted Neighborhood Newsletter email marketing system & gain new customers instantly!

How Neighborhood Newsletters Work:

The Neighborhood Newsletters Email marketing solution teams you up with other businesses in your local area to help create exposure and sales for your business. The localized Email newsletters feature 20-30 non-competitive businesses, complete with your color logo, business info, photos, contact information, maps, and links to your website, printable coupons and more.

Twice a month, we email local opt-in subscribers a Neighborhood Newsletter which will generate exposure for you and the other participating businesses enabling subscribers to learn about and patronize your business. It’s a great way to reach thousands of new prospects and drive hundreds of NEW CUSTOMERS to your business & website every month for pennies on the dollar!

Experience BIG Benefits!

  • Increase traffic & new sales to your business & website monthly
  • Increase customer loyalty & word-of-mouth
  • Increase the effectiveness of your existing traditional marketing efforts
  • Educate & foster long term relationships with new customers
  • Increase sales by reaching people at the precise time they will buy
  • Dominate your local market

Overall Reader Demographics:

The types of people you will reach will our email newsletters.

70% women aged 34-65 62% have 2.8 children with pets
30% men aged 34-65 52.3% get paid bi-monthly
Dual income households 70% made offline purchase due to an Internet ad
67% live in suburbs 38% are business owners or managers