How To Use Logo To Gain A Successful Brand

This article introduces the joining of logo and branding. A successful logo builds the beginnings of branding and together they represent your business.

Logo & Branding

Your logo is a symbol, a representation of your business. As a representation of your business it embodies your characteristics, values, and a positive feeling. This piece of art is placed on everything from newsletters, business cards, professional documents, packaging and any other piece of material sent into the public eye.

Your logo posses a great deal of power when representing your business. It is a symbol where company growth, recognition and credibility begin. When consumers see and purchase your products and/or services, an increase in accountability, awareness, and achievement is gained. Naturally, this takes time and energy, but it begins with your logo.

This logo then evolves into a brand. Your brand is what consumers expect from your business. They want to purchase your brand knowing that they will receive the same or a better performance than last. When a brand fails, this is when the consumer tries another brand.

With communication and marketing plans your business can develop your logo into a brand. When doing so, execute your look and feel to your target audience by presenting a unique identity. Consumers were already familiar with your logo now familiarize them with who and what you represent.

An exceptional example is Nike. Their marketing and communication plans are always filled with energy, life, and power. Their brand associates high goals, high achievements and high performance with their products. This is consistent in Nike’s television, magazine, billboard, Internet and store marketing. Keep in mind there logo is always present. Usually at the end of a Nike commercial a dominant noise brings awareness to the Nike Swoosh, leaving you with the power Nike knows you’ll feel when you purchase their product.

Start by developing a logo that represents your business well. Use that symbol to gain recognition. Then explode into the market with a plan that executes your businesses characteristics, values and emotions. Stay true to your logo and brand in service, product, communication and marketing.

Let Kinetica Media guide you through the process and open your new world of communication. Visit us at The author Malerie Giaimo is a spring Public Relations intern at Kinetica Media.