Email marketing is a great way to boost sales and promote your business to existing and potential customers. Sending personalized email newsletters makes your client base feel appreciated and informed. They keep them up to date with events and promotions going on in store. Also, coupons and special offers can be created within the email newsletters to hold customer’s interest in the business and keep them coming back for repeat sales. Your email marketing campaign can be fully managed by an outside marketing firm or done in house with do-it-yourself software. There are great advantages, though, in having a professional marketing firm handle all of your email marketing needs. Learn the huge advantages of outsourcing your email marketing to a professional marketing company. Here are the main points to consider while making your choice.

SPAM & Blacklisting

If you try to handle your own email marketing campaign, can you be sure that the message will be delivered? Many do-it-yourself email marketers do not get their messages delivered and are threatened with “blacklisting” and blocks. Some internet service providers have even shut down these organizations for spamming. New spam regulations are developing daily. Can you keep up with the rules?

Bandwidth & Power

How much information and power can your network handle? Email campaigns can place significant loads on your network and servers. If you send a message to a few thousand names, depending upon your mail server, you’ll eat up a fair amount of your organization’s bandwidth. As your list grows, this will become more and more of a burden. Are you prepared to expand and build your network to meet the needs of sending thousands of emails?

Email List Management

Can you manage your list easily? How will you import your customer’s names and email addresses? Will you be able to segment or organize names? How will you manage people unsubscribing? How will you handle email address changes? All of these questions can be answered by hiring a professional marketing firm to maintain your email marketing campaign. It takes time, effort, and plenty of technical knowledge to run your own campaign. When making your decision, ask yourself…do you have the time, technology, and expertise to effectively manage your growing email list?

Design and Formatting

Who will create, design, and format your email campaigns? Graphic design, HTML coding, and layout design are all critical parts of an effective and attractive email campaign. Who has the time to learn all the programming of each newsletter and put it to use successfully?

Tracking Results

What about tracking your results? Once you send a newsletter do you know who looked at it or who deleted it? One of the most powerful aspects of permission based email marketing is the ability to instantly track many aspects of each campaign. Measuring the success of your campaign is commonly overlooked, but it is crucial to email marketing because you know which message and ads are working and which are not!

With a fully managed email marketing campaign you and your staff do no work! The marketing firm manages the program for you entirely. From the building and management of your email database to custom design and sending of your email campaigns, to tracking and reporting of each campaign sent. Let the professionals handle your email marketing campaign and they’ll let you reap the benefits!

Tyler Houts is the Public Relations Director for Kinetica Media, an internet marketing company that works to harness the power of the internet for businesses of all sizes. Visit to see how their proven online marketing campaigns can enhance customer loyalty and attract new clients