What’s your favorite website? Why do you revisit these websites over and over again? The same aspects that keep you revisiting certain websites are important to others who view your’s. Most sites make mistakes that make their website’s stagnant. Getting visitors to your website is important for creating sales! However, keeping them coming back and making return purchases is most important for maintaining a loyal customer base, ensuring your long-term success. Here are the top 5 problems you need to avoid at all costs!

1. Fresh Content

Keeping a website fresh is by far the most important facet in generating repeat visitors. Countless companies believe that just by having a website on the internet they have done enough work online. They’ll find that this approach will not work for them. Both search engines and actual online users crave fresh content. Fresh content will boost your search results page rank and will keep your customers coming back to check for updates and new information.

2. More Updates

Include free articles for your visitors to read. Provide information about your services, updates within the company, information about products, etc. within these articles. Your visitors will appreciate the updates and want to return to your site to read them. You may also want to offer them the opportunity to sign up for an email newsletter. These newsletters will notify the users of newly posted information to your website automatically!

3. Keep it Interactive

Give your visitors something to do – and make it useful! For example, if you are in the business of auto sales, let them select different color schemes, interior designs, and different options. Making activities like this available on the web will not only make the user return, but it will make the user feel more comfortable about making a purchase when they can physically see what you are selling.


Often, the option to bookmark a site or add it to a favorites list is forgotten about. A user may want to return to your site but may have forgotten how to get there. If there is a bookmark link clearly placed in a highly visible area on the website you’ll get better results. They may not think to reach up to their toolbar and add you to their bookmarks, but this little reminder on your website may give them the jumpstart they need to get your site into their favorites list so they can pull it up whenever they want!

5. Offer Value

Visitors to websites appreciate links to other websites with relevant information. If you can help them to get to another website by placing a quality link on your site this can be beneficial to you. Of course, you’ll want the website you link to to also provide a link back to your site from theirs. This can be worked out by contacting the site administrator or webmaster.

Remember to cater to your visitors and give them exactly what they want. Keep your website’s content fresh! This is by far the most important thing to remember when creating and maintaining your website. New information = more visitors = more sales!

Tyler Houts is the Public Relations Director for Kinetica Media, an internet marketing company that works to harness the power of the internet for businesses of all sizes. Visit to see how their proven online marketing campaigns can enhance customer loyalty and attract new clients