Professional Tips When Speaking To Clients Through Your Website

How often do you browse through websites and think, ‘that didn’t make any sense’ or ‘is that information trustworthy?’ For the billions who search the web everyday these questions come unconsciously and commonly result in back clicking for another site. Don’t let that happen to your website. End those consumer thoughts and many others by following these straightforward tips.

Stay On Topic

Have you ever searched for topic, clicked the link, and found a completely different subject? This is a poor reflection on the websites information. It’s not relevant. All the material on your website must be pertinent and relevantly linked to your other information. Remember the more key words you use the higher your search engine results will be. For example: if you built the official website for The Beatles you would include their band name, The Beatles everywhere on the site. Along with the band members’ names, years they were a musical group; song names, lyrics and additional appropriate keywords one would search for. Think about the words searchers would use when searching.

Professional Means Trustworthy

A professional website must converse with your customers professionally. This means that your site needs to be credible. To begin provide information as if you were speaking to an individual, not the masses. This will give a personal feeling and aid in credibility. Next, you are an expert so provide expert, concrete information. Validate your expertise by providing resources such as: certifications, awards, degrees and any other material that conveys higher knowledge. This is the greatest dynamic of your credibility. Lastly, create a real world feel. Display your business, products and services as they really are. Anything fictitious that is not intended to be will shatter your credibility. Be real and honest. Once you produce credibility you will become trustworthy and consumers’ love trusting companies.

Maintain Your Relationships

You have worked hard to get your clients so keep them. Don’t just do the job and bid them good luck or a silent farewell. Stay in contact, offer follow-ups, get feedback and acknowledge constructive criticism. Depending on the size of your business this can be done through regular email, phone calls, surveys, questionnaires, and/or create an online forum for customers and visitors. Birthdays and holidays are also a great time to show your gratification. There are many ways to maintain a relationship with customers, find what works for your business and stick with it. You don’t want to loose your customers to competitors. Stay in connected.

Let Kinetica Media guide you through the process and open your new world of communication. Visit us at The author Malerie Giaimo is a spring Public Relations intern at Kinetica Media.