Basic tips to get the most out of your adCenter campaign

Microsoft’s adCenter is a new low cost pay-per-click method to get new customers to your website. Doing an adCenter campaign will allow your website to be found under the “sponsored site” section in MSN’s search engine. This means that when a customer does a search for a specific keyword your site will come up. The good news is that no matter what your business sells, your website will gain maximum exposure to new clients. However, after you decide to use an MSN adCenter campaign there are a few tips to remember to assure your success.

1. Budget

Remember like all other pay-per-click campaigns, you only have to pay for the amount of people that click on your advertisement. However, if done incorrectly the costs to your site may be much more than you are willing to spend. Make sure to decide how much you are willing to spend before you start and then you can slowly increase the amount after you improve and increase results with your adCenter campaign.

2. Target Consumer

One of the most important parts of any adCenter or pay-per-click campaign is targeting your customer. It can be very easy, especially when first starting your campaign to lose sight of who and what your customer is searching for. Remember, that with any pay-per-click advertisement, the customers are directly searching for your business. This means that you must understand what keywords and phrases they are using to find you. Once you have figured out the best keywords to use, you can successfully begin your adCenter campaign.

1. Analyze Results

After starting your advertisements, do not forget to routinely check up on how your adCenter campaign is doing. Doing so is very easy because adCenter breaks down daily results of exactly how many customers are clicking on your ad and at the same time tell you how effective your keywords are working. Many companies forget to analyze these results and effectively waste time and money on a campaign that is not getting optimum results.

Using adCenter to increase traffic to your website can be a very easy and effective advertising vehicle. However, do not take it light heartedly, and make sure to plan your campaign ahead of time. Without the proper planning, your adCenter campaign will not obtain the results that you are looking for.

About the Author: Drew Johnson is a Public Relations intern for Kinetica Media, an Internet marketing company that works to harness the power of websites, email and search marketing to enable businesses of all sizes to get and keep more customers.. Visit or call 866-526-4309 to see how their proven online marketing services can increase your customer loyalty and sales.