Email Marketing Is Your Key To Keeping Customers Coming Back

The internet today provides users with practically instant access to anything and everything they can think of. However, this instant access is not good enough for most people. Because of this many people will visit a website once or twice and may not visit it ever again. Even if you have the best looking site on the internet, people will not want to constantly come back to see if you have updated or added anything new. If this sounds like your website, there still may be hope.

Do it for them

Email marketing can provide your customers with an easy and quick way to see if you have updated or added anything new to your site without having them actually visit your website. In fact, sending email newsletters will increase the traffic to your site because people will now know if anything is new. At the same time, newsletters give you a great opportunity to tell them of any new products and specials that you may be offering.

Keep them reading

Once you have got your customers to sign up to your newsletter, don’t stop there. Remember that just because you send them emails, does not mean that they will ever be open or read. So in order to keep them interested, offer them prizes and specials so that they have to open the email to see what they can win or save on.

Keep them coming back

Once your customer’s are signed up and reading, give them a reason to visit your site. There are several ways to do this. First, make sure to update your site before you send out your newsletter. This will give them an opportunity to see what has changed and if anything interests them. At the same time, try and promote new products and services so that they will go to your site to find out more.

As I said before, in today’s world people like things to be quick, easy, and automated. By giving your customers an easy way to see if your site has been updated, you should be able to increase traffic to your site. If you feel that you want to start an email marketing campaign, but do not have the time or energy, there are hundreds of great companies that are willing to work with you.

About the Author: Drew Johnson is a Public Relations intern for Kinetica Media, an Internet marketing company that works to harness the power of websites, email and search marketing to enable businesses of all sizes to get and keep more customers.. Visit or call 866-526-4309 to see how their proven online marketing services can increase your customer loyalty and sales.