Email Marketing Services Overview

Our Unique “4 Step Approach” to Email Marketing Success

Loyal Email is a 100% managed email marketing service which doesn’t require any additional investment in hardware, software or personnel. We take care of everything so you don’t have to.

Step # 1: Email Collection & Database Management:

  • We’ll take your existing email addresses (if applicable) and add them to your secure email database which we host, clean and manage for you every day.
  • Email collection tools and techniques that work. We’ll create and insert a “sign-up box” on your website (If applicable) and in the emails sent from your business each day to enable you to build a list from your existing website and daily communications.
  • We’ll manually add subscribers to your email list every month from the sign-up cards and POS displays placed in each location(s) – (if applicable)
  • We’ll provide you with sales copy to add to your direct mail or print media ads directing people to go to your website or business location to subscribe to your email list!

Step # 2: Email Campaign Design & Management:

  • We’ll seamlessly design your email campaigns from scratch, based on your company image, look and feel and brand.
  • We’ll update your campaigns each month with new information provided by you, or your marketing department. Simply email, fax, or call your content in, and we’ll do the rest!
  • We’ll add built-in marketing tools like printable/trackable coupons for customers to print out and share with friends.
  • We’ll “Spam Check” and review your campaigns in HTML and text formats to increase deliverability and send you a proof for your final review before each mailing.
  • We’ll send your campaigns at anytime you want, personalized with “Your Customers’ Name” and sent from “Your Company Name”.

Step # 3: Tracking & Reporting:

  • Comprehensive campaign Tracking Reports (Easily find out open rates, click-thrus, bounces, unsubscribes, coupons printed, sent-to-a-friend, etc.)
  • Analytics to monitor email database growth rate.
  • Automated email delivery tracking (currently we have a 95% deliverability rate!)

Step # 4: Monthly Program Support:

  • Dedicated Customer Service Representative available on-demand via phone & email.
  • Feedback and one-on-one monthly consulting to help optimize each campaigns return-on-investment.

We feel your company has better things to do with its time than manage an email marketing program. That’s why our team does everything for you. We design, deliver, analyze, and constantly improve your email marketing initiatives. From start to finish, we never leave your side.

Why Choose Us?

  • Save time and money by not managing your email marketing in-house. We’ll do it all!# Send personal, eye-popping email campaigns on-demand for a flat monthly rate!
  • Everyday build your email list in store, on your website(s) & by direct mail and print of customers and members whom eagerly give you permission to frequently email them new products/services info, news, events, sales notifications, specials offers, printable coupons & more!
  • We’ll get your emails delivered to inboxes, not spam folders. We have a 95% delivery rate!
  • Increase the effectiveness of your existing traditional marketing efforts (i.e.) Postcard mailed on Tuesday, email blast on Thursday! or TV or Radio commercials: “Go to to sign-up for exclusive news and discounts by email!”
  • Get priceless customer intelligence via on-demand, personalized email surveys.
  • Send customers a special email on their birthday, anniversary or special occasion.
  • Reach your customers anytime. Send emails in the morning at night or on weekends and holidays!
  • Create, word-of-mouth advertising by subscribers forwarding your emails to associates!
  • Sell products, gift cards or anything right from your email campaigns!
  • Reach your customers and members more frequently than competitors!
  • Drive more traffic to your website and place of business!
  • Get real time tracking reports showing how many sent, open rates, click-thrus, coupons printed, etc
  • And More!

 Service Terms & Guarantee

  • 6-month service agreement
  • Our monthly fee never increases unless you add more services/locations/accounts
  • We will never sell your customer data or account information
  • Your email list is obtainable upon request
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee