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“Kinetica Helps Us Stay In Touch With Our Customers”

“Wendy’s changes frequently and Kinetica helps us to stay in touch with our best customers.”

– Franchisee

“My Practice Has Grown Significantly”

“I am very pleased with the services provided by Kinetica Media, as my business has grown significantly over the past few years with their assistance.”

“I’m Thinking You’re a Genius!”

“Hi guys, great results so far. Day 1: 9 conversions (up from my 3-4 daily) cost per conversion now only $38.00 (Down from $75). Day 2: 8 conversions and $30.00 cost per conversion. I’m thinking you’re a genius!”

“For Over 4 Years Now, The Marketing Has Been Outstanding”

“You allow us to stay in front of our target audience more frequently and cost effectively. Thanks very much!”



Enterprise Software Training Consultancy

Problem:  Client had very poor rankings in Google and wanted to reach more clients for its business software training programs via Google organic search listings.

Solution:  Build & manage an organic SEO marketing campaign to increase client’s website rankings to page 1 on Google to gain new clients for their software training programs.

Results:  In less than 30 days, client became listed on page 1 of Google for their main keywords which resulted in more consistent and targeted website traffic and 2x more 5 figure sales opportunities.

Global Industrial Equipment Supplier

Problem: Client’s existing website was inconsistent with their brand, message and product mix and lacked the features needed to deliver an interactive product experience for their global clientele.

Solution: A complete re-branding of their corporate image along with a search engine, mobile & social friendly website with in-depth product details and a clear call to action to increase leads.

Results:  An 18% monthly increase in website leads & a 50% reduction in frequently asked questions and overall support costs saving them over $55k/yr

Home Builder Association

Problem:  Client was spending BIG time and money sending monthly member newsletters & promos by direct US mail with no way of tracking effectiveness or ROI.

Solution:  Convert their postal mailing list to an email list database to send email newsletters.

Results:  An annual savings of over $20,000 on direct mail postage costs as well as an estimated 60 hrs per year saved in staff mailing time all while giving them the ability to track ROI & respond to member feedback in real-time.

Specialty Luxury Retailer

Problem:  Client was not utilizing Social Media channels consistently and effectively to communicate with their customer base for their in-store product tasting events.

Solution:  Build and manage a profitable Social Media content marketing & media distribution strategy to engage their affluent audience with info about their in-store events and frequent new product arrivals.

Results:  A 22% increase in event attendance with a 7% consistent increase in event sales

“Using Them Was a No-Brainer”

“By partnering with Kinetica Media to send our monthly member newsletters by email instead of postal mail will save us over $20,000 a year on printing and postage.

– NWO Chapter

“If You Want Customers to Come Back, Hire Them!!”

“Kinetica Media is hands down, without a doubt, the most effective and most affordable marketing company I’ve used!”

– Franchisee

“Very Pleased With The Marketing Response”

“It has been almost 8 yrs that we’ve been with you and we find that this form of advertising to be cost effective and time saving way of keeping our name in the limelight.” 

“I Am Enjoying Working With Thier Team.  The Do Excellent Work!”

“I really appreciate being able to challenge them to stretch and do things they have not done before, and the fact that they also challenge me on my thinking to arrive at the best solutions.”

1,000+ Marketing Campaigns delivered for Leading Brands 

"The Folks at Kinetica Media Have Been Very Helpful & Patient!"

"I'm more than happy with the web design they did for me and I'm looking forward to increased business from the thorough internet marketing plan."


"I Highly Recommend Kinetica Media"

"I am a Realtor with a growing business in NW OH. I came to Kinetica Media because I desire to increase my market share and create a more effective and long-term strategic marketing plan. Meeting with Chris has helped me take substantial steps forward!" 

“For Anyone Looking to Get an Edge on Their Competition"

"I highly recommend Kinetica Media.  Not only was it a successful marking tool, it was a great a way to target my repeat guests. The flexibility they showed in meeting my needs was excellent.

- Franchise Owner, NWO Area

"Great Results"

"We have worked with Kinetica for many years and have been pleased with the great results and have reccomended them to other franchise groups"

- Taco Bell NWO Franchise Owner

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