In order for your businesses website to achieve a high rank in the top search engines your site must be optimized. There are several ways to optimize your site so that search engines can more easily find you. However, you must adhere to all the guidelines and rules set by the search engine. There are mistakes that can easily be made if these and other rules are not followed which can cause your website to drop.

False Keyword Optimization

Remember, you want the most qualified traffic to your website, not just the most traffic. There are plenty of generic keywords you can use throughout your site like mp3, travel, or blog. But why would you include these words if your site doesn’t pertain to any of these? Yes, you will probably drive more traffic to your website. But as soon as the user gets there, they will know they have been deceived and quickly click the back button. Use relevant keywords to ensure the best traffic to your website. Search engines will penalize you for this action – simply don’t do it.

Keyword Spamming

It has long been thought that META tags in the coding of your website was the only way to get a great placement in search engines. Though they do help, this isn’t true. Relevant keywords throughout your website will get the most recognition from search engines. Don’t get carried away, though. Your site still has to make grammatical sense. In other words, search engines will catch on to you just throwing keywords randomly around on your site and putting too many keywords in your copy like, “Thanks for visiting the gardenshop. We have awesome gardenshop tools and gardenshop info and everthing gardenshop – for your gardenshop.” – This is called key word spamming and it will cause your site to drop in ranking.

Graphics Only Pages

Search engines only recognize text. If you want to see what search engines would see in viewing your site, right click on the background of your site and click “view source.” It’s all text. This is why having a graphics only page won’t work well. When trying to get search engine attention – the engines will have no real way to scan the words of your site if it’s just one big graphic. So be careful when designing your website. Make sure to not violate any rules of the search engines, as this can have you drop in rank or even be banned from search engines entirely.

About the Author: Tyler Houts is the Public Relations and Online Marketing Director for Kinetica Media, an internet marketing company that works to harness the power of the internet for businesses of all sizes. Visit to see how their proven online marketing campaigns can enhance customer loyalty and attract new clients.