Do Not Do These Things When Initiating Your SEO Campaign

Now that you have a great page rank for your small businesses website, it now is even more critical that you keep it there. With so many websites trying to get to the top just like you are, it can be a never ending process. However, once you have gotten to the position that you are happy with, there are many things that you can do to lower your page rank. As hard as you have worked to get your page where it is, the last thing you want to do is to lower your rank – or even worse – banned from search for a stupid mistake. Remember these following tips once you have got your page where you want it.

Title Tags

While highly ranked pages on search engines do typically see much better results than those that are ranked lower, pages with poor title tags share similar results. Even if your page is ranked high, you still need to get your customers interested enough in your page with effective title tags. Poor tags that contain symbols and capital letters are a great way to turn off potential customers. At the same time, make sure your title tag describes what your company does and how it will help the customer.

Poor Links

Many sites in an attempt to get more links, will either link to sites that are irrelevant or a link farm. In either case, these types of links will cause your page rank to drop. Make sure that all of your current links are clean and are relevant to your page. Also, don’t forget to make sure that the sites that you are linked to are also legitimate and good sites as well.


Another technique many websites use to increase their page rank is to use keywords at irrelevant times. Therefore make sure that you do not start to place keywords on your page that are either to small to see or invisible to visitors. Doing so will not only cause your page rank to drop, but is also grounds to ban you from the site.

Remembering these 3 tips should keep your site at your current page rank and may even help you to increase your rank. Don’t let all your hard work go down the drain, and remember these tips.

About the Author: Drew Johnson is a Public Relations intern for Kinetica Media, an Internet marketing company that works to harness the power of websites, email and search marketing to enable businesses of all sizes to get and keep more customers.. Visit or call 866-526-4309 to see how their proven online marketing services can increase your customer loyalty and sales.