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You Need a Plan.  Tell Us About Your Project..

Please complete this form to the best of your knowledge as this information will enable our team to understand and gauge your project more accurately. Any questions you cannot answer leave blank and for the questions you can answer please provide as detailed information as possible.

Once we receive your project info via this fast form, we’ll reach you very soon to discuss the next step.

This video shows you how to easily submit your project needs to our team via our Fast Form >>

Want to fill out the form offline?  Click here to safely download a hard copy

Step 1: Contact Info

* Required feilds

Your full name*
Your business or organization name*
Primary email address*
Primary phone number*
How did you find us?*
Is this a new site or a redesign? If redesign, provide the URL*

Step 2: Goals

* Required feilds

What is the core reason this website will exist?*
What one thing must this site accomplish to be considered successful?*
How will you measure that success?*
What would constitute a successful project? List all your expectations.*
What is the main conversion this site must produce? Generate calls, emails, walk-ins , purchases ,sign-ups, etc? Choose one only and describe.*
Imagine your website 5 years from now. Complete the sentence "I know my website works because…"*
Who will be the primary audience for this site? (I.E) Women business owners or 24-35 yr/ males that like video games, etc) Give as much detail as possible.
Which page(s) or content on your current site is most popular?
List 3 main competitor websites and describe how you differ from them.
What main “messages” must be presented?
Describe briefly your main products/services.

Step 3: Design

* Required feilds

List the one website you would want to model this website after.
Name 3 things the design must have to be successful.
What are your top 3 frustrations with your current website?
List all the page names and/ or major sections the site will have. (I.E) About Us, Products, Services, FAQ, PDF downloads, Contact us form pages, etc.)
What features do you need? (I.E.) Page editor, calendar, Blog, photo gallery, map, downloads, special programming, etc. List all.
If this site needs ecommerce (shopping cart) selling capabilities, then please explain how you envision this process working?
Will your audience benefit if your website is mobile-friendly?
Does this site need to tie in with 3rd party software platforms ?Yes   No  
Where will the site text and image content come from? From your existing site, or you will write it or do you want us to write it?
Do you have a logo that will be used? Or do you want one created?

Step 4: Hosting

* Required feilds

Do you need hosting and/or email services? If not, where are you currently hosting?
List all email addresses that need set-up.
How might the site grow and change in the next 6 to 12 months?
How often will you need to update/change the site?
Will you update the site yourself or do you wish to have us provide ongoing support?

Step 5: Marketing

* Required feilds

What ONE source (IE Facebook, email newsletters, Google Search, etc) do you get the most web traffic from? If not sure, then where do most people say they find you online (if any)
Do you have existing web traffic stats software (I.E.) Google Analytics, etc) so we can see exactly where your traffic comes from?
What are you doing or will do to promote and market this site to ensure it accomplishes the above goals?
Do you require search engine optimization (SEO) for this website? If so, what is the goal you would need to achieve with SEO?
What are your most important marketing needs for this website? (I.E.) " I want to get more new customers by advertising in Google, or I want to stay in touch with customers with an email newsletter, or I want to increase my presence on Facebook, etc

Step 6: Budgets & Timelines

* Required feilds

How much revenue does one new customer bring into you on average? (Your per customer return-on-investment needs to be determined)*
What was your total gross revenue last year? (so there is a revenue benchmark to work from)*
What is the approval chain for this project?*
What is your timeline for this project?*
What range would you expect to pay to accomplish your listed website design goals? (I.E.) "I have budgeted $4995- $9,995 for website design." Since yours and our time is valuable, Please provide some figure so we know if we both qualify to work*
What range would you expect to pay to accomplish your online marketing goals (I.E.) "I have budgeted $5,000- $25,000 /year for marketing". Again, please provide some figure here.*


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