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The “Top 10″ Frequently Asked Questions

Your Email Marketing Questions..Answered!

Why Hire You? Can’t I Just Email Customers Myself?

Sure you could… if you’re willing to spend the time and money and you don’t mind the hours of work it takes for each campaign. Or…if you’d rather concentrate on building your business and making money instead of spending hours playing copywriter, designer, and web technician (and hoping your efforts pay off) We’ll do all the work for you each month for less than a one-day print ad.

What is”Full Service” Email Marketing?

We feel you have better things to do with your time than to build your own email campaigns. Our team does everything for you. We design, deliver, analyze, and constantly improve your email initiatives. From start-to-finish, we never leave your side—on all your permission-marketing opportunities.

What is Spam? Do You Spam?

Spam is unsolicited commercial email, or email that recipients did not ask to receive. The great thing about Loyal Email is that we only send messages to people who ask to receive them. To learn more about our position on spam, see our “Anti-Spam Policy”.

How Do I Collect Emails & How Long to Build a Database?

Most companies start with little to no email addresses. We provide your company with proven email collection tools to help you start collecting emails immediately. We help you with in-store registration cards and online web registration forms, consult with you on offers (in-store and online), coupons, incentives, scripts for your employees, etc. Your Customer Service Representative will help you implement the email collection tools and will go over the program and explain how to be effective in getting email addresses.

Who Designs the Emails?

We custom create an email template for your business based on your logo and themes. The overall template will stay the same because we want to keep your company image and logo consistent for your customers. The body of your emails will change with each monthly update based on the information you provide to your CSR. All we need from you is some simple verbiage, content, an offer and/or some specials. We do the rest…

Do You Provide Tracking Reports?

After your email offer is delivered, We can provide your company with a real-time Tracking Report, giving you immediate statistical feedback on your campaign’s progress and success rate. Easily track email-based leads and sales so you can determine your monthly return on investment. Simply contact your CSR and they’ll send your report to you via email or fax.

What Does an Account Manager Do?

You are assigned a dedicated account manager that will work with you throughoutour relationship. This person will act as your very own marketing consultant and can be reached via email or phone anytime.

Do You Share My Information with Other Companies?

No. Your information and information concerning your customers will be kept confidential and will not be sold, rented or given to any unauthorized third party. For more details, see our Privacy Policy.

Can I Purchase or Borrow an Email List From You?

Never! We do not sell, borrow or trade email lists with anybody. Purchased email lists do not perform anywhere near as well as home-grown lists. If you are thinking of using a purchased email list for your email marketing initiatives, don’t even bother.

How Soon to Get Up & Running?

You will be contacted within 48 hours from signing up for our service. Your account manager will consult with you to determine your list building and email management options. Within 7 days you will have all material(s) delivered to your business\website, and from that point, we begin implementing your email collection tools to help you start building your email list. If you have a list already, we can send out your first email within 48 hours!

Call Us Toll Free: 1-866-526-4309

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