This Next Google Algorithm Change Will Impact Your Revenue & Search Rankings

By:  Shawn Fitzgerald

Have you received a message from Google Webmaster Tools like this recently about your website?  

Google website mobile

 Do you know what this means? It means that unless you fix your site you will most likely wake up one day and find it removed from mobile search results on Google. I work with many companies that garner as much as 30% of their overall traffic from mobile. Losing this traffic can have very real implications to your sales team and your bottom line.

Let’s say you typically generate 1,000 user sessions per month and your current web site converts 2% of that traffic into RFQ/Contact Us opportunities. That means your sales team gets 20 opportunities to generate revenue from your online channel each month. If your sales team is operating at a 20% close rate and a typical sale is $1,000, this would result in $4,000 in total monthly sales from website based opportunities.

Losing that 30% of traffic from mobile devices means you just lost about 25% of your overall website based revenue ($1,000 in this scenario). Whoa! That just got real, didn’t it?

Do you know what the mobile usage statistics are for your website? I’d suggest checking Google Analytics or other tracking tools you have installed on your site to determine the possible impact to your sales team and revenue generation.

If you don’t have a Google Webmaster Tools Account setup for your site, do this now. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. You need to know if you will be impacted. Messages like the one above are Google’s way of telling you something BIG is about to change. Mobile usability is not “optional”. Take heed of this warning and take actions to protect your  business accordingly.

If your website is not mobile-friendly yet, don’t worry because we have the answer to that problem.  Our team has been building mobile website for years and we have the best mobile website software that can mobilize your existing site in just a couple of days.  See before and afters below.

Best of all- it’s just $29.95/mo.  Your mobile customers and Google will be happy.  Mobile solved. 

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