Land Art Inc.

Land Art Inc, the leader in lawn care services in NW Ohio, came to us because they wanted the Internet to do 3 things for their business.

1.  They wanted a new website that looked better than their competitors.

2.  They wanted an intuitive way for new and existing customers to find the most important information as quickly as possible.

3 They wanted to be found in search engines to get in front of new local customers as well as retain their existing customers with an informative “Lawn Care Tips” email newsletter.

The end result?  Since the launch of their new website, SEO and email newsletter marketing campaigns, their CEO reported to me that their leads and customer feedback has increased and they are very happy with everything!

Please check out the site to see how we tied all of their needs together so they could achieve these goals.

Plus, I would like to give credit to Jon Wolfinger the designer on this project.  He did a great job!


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