Discover 4 Top Tips on How to Improve Your Email List Opt-ins

Sending out strategic email campaigns is a great way to improve customer loyalty and gain new customers.  Your customers will appreciate all the special offers and benefits they’ll receive from the newsletters and promos you will send to them.   Before you can start sending , you’ll need a list first.   So how do you get customers to sign-up to your email list?  Very important question.   Here are a few top tips to improve opt-in rates for your email list that you’ll want to incorporate right now as we have been following these strategies  with  for years and they work.

1.  Don’t Hide The Email List Opt-in

A big mistake companies  make is only placing a small link to their mailing list at the bottom of their website or somewhere hidden so its not easily found.   Your website is made up of several pages so why wouldn’t you place  the opt-in link on every page in highly visible areas of the website like in the header or page navigation.    Even better than text, place a opt-in graphic on every page encouraging customers to sign-up.   After all, the more people  that see your opt-in, the more you  will get signed up, the more sales you can make in repeat business.

2.  Be Trustworthy & Respect Their Privacy

Assure your customers that you will not sell their information to other advertisers and will not span them with unrelated content or offers.  Furthermore, have a link around your opt-in form  to your  privacy policy reassuring the customer of how you manage your email list  and their privacy.   Email Marketing is a permission based service so always keep your customers trust and best interests in mind as you don’t want to be perceived as a spammer.

3.  Get Them to Take Action With Unique Opt-in Offers

Give the customers plenty of reasons to sign-up for your email list.   Tell them exactly all of the benefits that they will receive once they are on the list.   Get people excited to opt- in with exclusive  content  like  promotional prizes and coupons, free content, like an eBooks or videos, shopping discounts, or free shipping.    Sky is the limit here.  People respond so much better to opting in  when they know they will get something of value in return.  Make it easy and make it valuable.

4.  Tell Them How Often They’ll Get Emailed

You’ll most likely will not want to send everyday as people will be annoyed with getting your emails daily  unless this is part of your email campaign plan and the customer knows that they will be getting emails daily upfront before they sign-up.   We have found stating that you will send them email a few times a month always brings the best response as they will know your send schedule and actually look out for your emails which drastically helps with your open rates.

Take these 4 powerful  tips into careful consideration when building your email marketing list.   Following these simple steps will ensure a much better opt-in rate, resulting in a more profitable email campaigns.

Author: Tyler Houts.   Learn more here on how our proven email marketing campaigns can enhance customer loyalty and increase repeat business.

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