Client Success Story: Perrysburg Township

Perrysburg Township recently re-launched a new website with the help of our team.  Their goals included a modern design look, intuitive navigation and an easy-to-use, search engine friendly, content management system which now allows them to update and modify their website and content on-demand.

Other objectives for the re-design were:

1.  Enable residents to find info more quickly due to a streamlined page navigation system.

2.  A centralized calendar that synced important dates

3.  The ability to upload, download and manage Township forms

4.  To present news, press releases and important updates more efficiently

5.  Allow residents to subscribe to a monthly email newsletter for news & updates.

6.  Ability to synchronize the information on their website with social media networks

7.  A time based archival system for easy PDF uploading and organization

8.  Site wide search feature so users can find information more effectively

9.  And dozens of more beneficial features

Since its launch in late May, Township officials are working daily on updating the site with more information to make it a true and helpful resource for the residents and Township staff for years to come.  Check it out and feel free to provide any feedback you might have.

By Chris Swemba, Kinetica Media

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