3 Horrible Mistakes People Make When Designing Their Website & How to Avoid Them

There are millions of websites making common mistakes that turn users off before they get a chance to browse the page.  However, most webmasters don’t even know they are making them.   Here is a list of some common errors and fixes that will improve your web design and your conversions drastically.

1.  Complicated Layout/Design

People connect to the Internet is to find the information they want.   They want that information as fast and they don’t want to have work to find it.  Don’t waste the user’s time with Flash intro pages or slow loading graphics. Stay away from flashing text and animated logos in your web site design.  These are things that can distract and slow down the user from what they really came to the site to retrieve.

2.  Poor Navigation

Again, keep it simple. If the user can’t find their way through the site, obviously, they won’t go any further than the home  page.   You want the user to stay on your site and get what they came for…so make it easy for them to find it!   Make sure, without overdoing it, that there are plenty of links on every page to every other page within your site.   The user shouldn’t have to struggle to find their way around, you must make the navigation in as many clicks as possible.   Plus, make sure that the links are working!   There is nothing more annoying than thinking you’ve  found exactly what you are looking for and then…an error page from a broken link.

3.  Little Content

You must provide unique and interesting content to hold the user’s interest.   If the user sees repetitive or old information, they’ll leave the site and you’ll have lost them forever in most cases.   Remember to revise and proofread your work so that  its perfect.   Many people find it distracting and annoying when a site contains several grammatical and spelling errors  as one or two is barley acceptable  and more than that is unprofessional.   Show that you care about your work and your readers by having typo free copy.

So follow these 3 tips  and have a clean, clear design to your site  so people  will want to come back !

Author: Tyler Houts.   Contact us here  to see how their proven online marketing campaigns can enhance customer loyalty and attract you new clients.

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